Rivaroxaban Control and Calibration Plasmas

Control and calibration plazmas for the assay of Rivaroxaban in human plasma.

Calibration plasmas for Anti-Xa chromogennic test (BIOPHEN DiXal – 221030 or BIOPHEN Heparin LRT – 221011, 221013) used for measuring of Rivaroxaban concentration in human plasma. Calibrator for values of 50 – 500 ng/ml and low calibrator for values of 0 – 125 ng/ml are available. Assay clibrated for low range has lower dilution of the sample.

Control plasmas with known concentration of Rivaroxaban. Used for control of methods measuring the concentration of rivaroxaban. Control cover concentration ranges common in therapy – from 25 ng/ml up to 300 ng/ml.

Reagents are classified as IVDR-C.

Catalogue number

222701, 226001

224501, 225101

Product name

Biophen Rivaroxaban Calibrator (222701), Biophen Rivaroxaban Calibrator Low (226001)

Biophen Rivaroxaban Control Plasma (224501), Biophen Rivaroxaban Control Low (225101)




222701-6001_Rivaroxaban Calibrator_v5_2023-07

224501-5101_Rivaroxaban control_v5_2023-07