Manufacturer of reagents for screening and special coagulation tests (APTT, fibrinogen, deficient plasmas, Protein C and Protein S), for chromogenic tests in coagulation labs (Antithrombin, Protein C, FVIII) and elisa kits aimed on proteins of haemostasis,fibrinolysis, on diagnosis of HIT and on autoimmunity. Hyphen BioMed also produces large pallet of tests specialized on checking of efficiency of heparin treatment and penta-carbohydrates for determination of the direct inhibitors level of FXa (Rivaroxaban) and FIIa (Dabigatran) in plasma, including the materials for calibration and control. Available are also inductors for light aggregometry, reagents for research and the pharmaceutical industry needs.

Representation for: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary




Manufacturer of quantitative test kits for determination of D-Dimer at various wave-lenghts (from 405 nm through 900nm), for testing of the prothrombin time and control material for routine coagulation screening tests including D-Dimer in one vial.

MediRox is also the producer of ReoRox G4 for the testing of coagulum elasticity (thromboelastography), viscosity from the full blood or plasma and reagents needed for this instrument.

Representation for: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland (except ReoRox)



Rayto Life and Analytical Science

Manufacturer of laboratory equipment – Koagulometers, ELISA reader and microplate washer, hematology analyzers.

Representation for: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary



DSM Nutritional Products, branch Pentapharm

Pentapharm—the manufacturer of large number of products based on enzymes made from snake venom. Pentapharm offers also coagulation kits for determination of APC Resistance, Reptilase and Ecarin Time assays, activity determination of low molecular heparin and its similar substances.

Representation for: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic





RAL Diagnostics

Reactifs RAL—the manufacturer of staining kits for haematology, histology, cytology, microbiology and parazitology.

Representation for: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic



Biomedica Diagnostics

Biomedica Diagnostics—the manufacturer and distributor of a broad palet of routine and research tests for diagnostic of haemostasia including antiphospholipid antibodies.

Representation for: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic





American Biochemical & Pharmaceuticals—the manufacturer of Induced Platelet Aggregation Assay (RIPA) to help diagnose von Willebrand Disease and other bleeding disorders.

Representation for: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic