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Calibration and Control Plasmas for Heparin

Several sets of calibration and control plasmas for Anti-Xa chromogennic assay of Low Molecular Weight and Unfractioned Heparins. Kits are optimised for use with BIOPHEN Heparin LRT (221 011/013/015). All calibration and control plasmas fall under IVDR-C. Low Molecular Weight Heparin: Control plasma for LMWH of 4 different levels. These levels are approximately 0,25, 0,50, …

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BIOPHEN NormalPlasma 2 and 5

BIOPHEN NormalPlasma 2 and 5 are lyophilised human citrated plasma for laboratory use. They can be used as a dilution of patient plasma for Lupus Anticoagulans assay, as well as nontitrated human plasmas for the quality control of most hematological assays. BIOPHEN NormalPlasma 2 and 5 have been tested for the absence of LA and …

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Buffer powder

Powdered buffer. Dillute in 1 litre of destilled water to gain 1 litre of buffer of the given pH. Catalogue number pH 6,8 – 363568-0000, pH 7,0 – 361600-0000, pH 7,2 – 363572-0000 Product name Powdered Buffer pH 6,8, Powdered Buffer pH 7,0, Powdered Buffer pH 7,2 Manufacturer RAL Diagnostics

Pefakit APC-R Factor V Leiden Control

Control plasmas for confirmation of factor V Leiden mutation (FV:Q506) in assays for determination of the functional phenotype for activated protein C resistance caused by the factor V Leiden mutation. Catalogue number 502-21 Product name Pefakit APC-R Factor V Leiden Control Manufacturer Pentapharm Documents: IFU_502-21, 502-22_Pefakit_APC-R_Factor_V_Leiden_Controls 02_20 Type: Instruction for Use, Revision: 02_2020

Argatroban Calibrator and Control

SC030K – Set of lyophylised calibration human plasmas of varying concentrations for Argatroban assay by anti-IIa method (BIOPHEN DTI and HEMOCLOT Thrombin Inhibitors). SC035K – Human plasma of two levels for the control of quality of the coagulations assay of Argatroban. Catalogue number SC030K, SC035K Product name Argatroban Calibrator, Argatroban Control Plasma Manufacturer Hyphen BioMed …

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Hirudin Calibrator and Control

Control and calibration plasmas for anti-IIa Hirudin assay (BIOPHEN DTI and HEMOCLOT Thrombin Inhibitors). SC020KL – Human plasma for the calibration of Hirudin assays by anti-IIa method. SC025K – Human plasmas at 2 levels for the quality control of Hirudin clotting assay. Catalogue number SC020KL, SC025K Product name Plasma Hirudin Standard, Plasma Hirudin Control Manufacturer Hyphen BioMed …

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Imidazole buffer

Used as a reagent diluent – especially for reagents from Hyphen BioMed, but also for Medirox and other manufacturers. Several package sizes available- AR021B 1×15 ml, AR021K 3×25 ml, AR021L 12×25 ml, AR021M 3×15 ml, AR021N 12×15 ml. Catalogue number AR021B, AR021K, AR021L, AR021M, AR021N Product name Imidazole buffer Manufacturer Hyphen-BioMed Documents AR021B-021K-021L-021M-021N_Imidazole Buffer_v7_2022-03 Type: Instructions …

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Ristocetin is for quantitative agregation test of von Willebrand factor (to be used with lyophylised trombocytes AG006) or agregation test of trombocytes via ristocetin induction (RIPA). Catalogue number: AG004K Product name: Ristocetin Manunfacturer: Hyphen-BioMed Documents: AG004K-Ristocetin_v6_2021-10 Type: Instruction for use, Revision: 10_2021

Bivalirudin Control and Calibrator

Calibration and control plasmas for the anti-IIa assay of Bivalirudin in human plasma. Can be used with BIOPHEN Thrombin Inhibitors and BIOPHEN DTI. Catalogue number 225701, 226701 Product name BIOPHEN™ Bivalirudin Control, BIOPHEN™ Bivalirudin Calibrator   Manufacturer Hyphen BioMed Documents 225701_Bivalirudin Control_v1_2019-04 Type: Package insert, Revision: 04_2019 226701_Bivalirudin Calibrator_v1_2019-04 Type: Package insert, Revision: 04_2019

EASYPLASMA Control and Calibration Set

Control and calibration plasmas quality control and calibration of coagulation assays. 225601 – Normal and abnormal control plazmas for the quality control of coagulation methods below. 226601 – Lyophylised human plasma for the calibration of coagulation assays of PT/INT/%, APTT, Fibrinogen and Thrombin Time. Catalogue number 225601, 226601 Product name EASYPLASMA Control Set, EASYPLASMA Calibrator …

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