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BIOPHEN NormalPlasma 2 and 5

BIOPHEN NormalPlasma 2 and 5 are lyophilised human citrated plasma for laboratory use. They can be used as a dilution of patient plasma for Lupus Anticoagulans assay, as well as nontitrated human plasmas for the quality control of most hematological assays. BIOPHEN NormalPlasma 2 and 5 have been tested for the absence of LA and …

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Buffer powder

Powdered buffer. Dillute in 1 litre of destilled water to gain 1 litre of buffer of the given pH. Catalogue number pH 6,8 – 363568-0000, pH 7,0 – 361600-0000, pH 7,2 – 363572-0000 Product name Powdered Buffer pH 6,8, Powdered Buffer pH 7,0, Powdered Buffer pH 7,2 Manufacturer RAL Diagnostics

Pefakit APC-R Factor V Leiden Control

Control plasmas for confirmation of factor V Leiden mutation (FV:Q506) in assays for determination of the functional phenotype for activated protein C resistance caused by the factor V Leiden mutation. Catalogue number 502-21 Product name Pefakit APC-R Factor V Leiden Control Manufacturer Pentapharm Documents: IFU_502-21, 502-22_Pefakit_APC-R_Factor_V_Leiden_Controls 02_20 Type: Instruction for Use, Revision: 02_2020

Argatroban Calibrator and Control

SC030K – Set of lyophylised calibration human plasmas of varying concentrations for Argatroban assay by anti-IIa method. SC035K – Human plasma of two levels for the control of quality of the coagulations assay of Argatroban. Catalogue number SC030K, SC035K Product name Argatroban Calibrator, Argatroban Control Plasma Manufacturer Hyphen BioMed Documents SC030K-Argatroban Cal Typ: Instructions for use, …

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Hirudin Calibrator and Control

Control and calibration plasmas for anti-IIa Hirudin assay. SC020KL – Human plasma for the calibration of Hirudin assays by anti-IIa method. SC025K – Human plasmas at 2 levels for the quality control of Hirudin clotting assay. Catalogue number SC020KL, SC025K Product name Plasma Hirudin Standard, Plasma Hirudin Control Manufacturer Hyphen BioMed Documents SC020K-020L_Plasma Hirudin Standard_v2_2019-12 Type: Package insert, …

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Imidazole buffer

Used as a reagent diluent – especially for reagents from Hyphen BioMed, but also for Medirox and other manufacturers. Several package sizes available- AR021B 1×15 ml, AR021K 3×25 ml, AR021L 12×25 ml, AR021M 3×15 ml, AR021N 12×15 ml. Catalogue number AR021B, AR021K, AR021L, AR021M, AR021N Product name Imidazole buffer Manufacturer Hyphen-BioMed Documents AR021B-021K-021L-021M-021N_Imidazole Buffer_v7_2022-03 Type: Instructions …

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Ristocetin is for quantitative agregation test of von Willebrand factor (to be used with lyophylised trombocytes AG006) or agregation test of trombocytes via ristocetin induction (RIPA). Catalogue number: AG004K Product name: Ristocetin Manunfacturer: Hyphen-BioMed Documents: AG004K-Ristocetin_v6_2021-10 Type: Instruction for use, Revision: 10_2021

Bivalirudin Control and Calibrator

Calibration and control plasmas for the anti-IIa assay of Bivalirudin in human plasma. Can be used with BIOPHEN Thrombin Inhibitors and BIOPHEN DTI. Catalogue number 225701, 226701 Product name BIOPHEN™ Bivalirudin Control, BIOPHEN™ Bivalirudin Calibrator   Manufacturer Hyphen BioMed Documents 225701_Bivalirudin Control_v1_2019-04 Type: Package insert, Revision: 04_2019 226701_Bivalirudin Calibrator_v1_2019-04 Type: Package insert, Revision: 04_2019

EASYPLASMA Control and Calibration Set

Control and calibration plasmas quality control and calibration of coagulation assays. 225601 – Normal and abnormal control plazmas for the quality control of coagulation methods below. 226601 – Lyophylised human plasma for the calibration of coagulation assays of PT/INT/%, APTT, Fibrinogen and Thrombin Time. Catalogue number 225601, 226601 Product name EASYPLASMA Control Set, EASYPLASMA Calibrator …

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Organan Calibrator and Control

Calibrator and control for concentration assay of Organan (sodium danaparoid) in human citrated plasma using chromogennic anti-Xa method.  Assay is optimized for BIOPHEN™ Heparin LRT kit. 222201 – Package contains 4 sets of calibrators, each with 5 different levels of the drug. 223501 – Package contains 2 sets of control plasma, each with 2 different levels of …

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