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BIOPHEN™ Factor XIII kit is a chromogenic method proposed for in vitro quantitative determination of Factor XIII activity in human citrated plasma. Catalogue number 227005 Product name BIOPHEN™ Factor XIII Manufacturer Hyphen BioMed Documentation 227005_FXIII_v4_2022-02 Type: Package insert, Revision: 02_2022


BIOPHEN™ α2-Antiplasmin (LRT) kit is a chromogenic method for the in vitro quantitative determination of α2-Antiplasmin (α2-AP) activity, in human citrated plasma, using a manual or automated method. Reagents are in the liquid presentation, ready to use (LRT = Liquid reagent Technology). Catalogue number 220502 Product name BIOPHEN α2-Antiplasmin (LRT) Documentation 220502_a2 Antiplasmin LRT_v2_2021-01 Type: Instruction for …

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Kits for the assay of Protein C in human plasma using chromogennic, coagulation and ELISA methods. 221205 – Chromogenic assay of Protein C in humal citrated plasma. Powdered reagent. 221211 – Chromogenic assay of Protein C in humal citrated plasma. Liquid reagent. CK031K, CK032K – Coagulation quantitative assay of Protein C in human citrated plasma. Lyophylised. …

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BIOPHEN Plasminogen LRT

Chromogenic plasminogen assay. Liquid reagent. Catalogue number 221511 Product name BIOPHEN Plasminogen LRT Manufacturer Hyphen-BioMed Documents 221511_Plg LRT_v1_2022-02 Type: Package insert, Revision: 02_2022


Liquid reagent for anti-Xa chromogenic activity assay of Unfractioned Heparin (UFH), Low Molecular Weight Heparin (LMWH) and other similar substances in citrated plasma. Reagent can be used for concentration assays of direct factor Xa inhibitors – Rivaroxaban (Xarelto), Apixaban (Eliquis) and Edoxaban (Lixiana). Different package sizes. Catalogue number 221011, 221013, 221015 Product name BIOPHEN Heparin …

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Chromogenic assay of FVIII activity with linearity up to approximately 200% in human plasma. Different package sizes: 221402 – lyophilized reagents 2,5 ml, liquid buffer 25 ml. 221406 – lyophilized reagents 6 ml, liquid buffer 25 ml. Catalogue number 221402, 221406 Product name BIOPHEN FVIII:C Manufacturer Hyphen-BioMed Documents 221402-1406_FVIIIC_v3_2022-09 Type: Package insert, Revision: 09_2022


Kit for Chromogenic assay of FIX activity in plasma or purified solutions. Results are not influenced by Lupus Anticoagulans. Kit is available in 3 package sizes: 221801 – 2 x 1 and 2 x 15 ml 221802 – 2 x 2,5 and 2 x 25 ml 221806 – 2 x 6 and 4 x 25 …

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Biophen DTI

Chromogennic reagent used for direct thrombin inhibitors (Dabigatran, Hirudin and Bivalirudin with CE, Argotraban without CE) assay in human citrated plasma. This reagent contains Heparin neutralising substance and therefore it can also be used for assays of heprinized samples (cannulas…). Catalogue number 220202 Product name Biophen DTI Manufacturer Hyphen-BioMed Documents 220202_DTi_v3_2021-04 Type: Package insert, Revision: 04_2021


Kit is intended for anti-Xa chromogennic assays of Rivaroxaban, Apixaban and Edoxaban concentrations in plasma. It is to be used with specific calibration plasmas by Hyphen-Biomed. Catalogue number 221030 Product name BIOPHEN DiXaI Manufacturer Hyphen-BioMed Documents 221030_DiXaI_v9_2023-12 Type: Package insert, Revision: 12_2023

BIOPHEN Antithrombin

Chromogenníc methods anti-Xa and anti-IIa for measuring the concentration of Antithrombin in human plasma. 221102, 105 – Chromogenic test for anti-Xa (bovine FX) concentration assay of Antithrombin in human citrated plasma. Powdered reagent is available in two package size variations. 221111 – Chromogenic test for anti-Xa (bovine FX) concentration assay of Antithrombin in human citrated plasma. …

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