Organan Calibrator and Control

Calibrator and control for concentration assay of Organan (sodium danaparoid) in human citrated plasma using chromogennic anti-Xa method.  Assay is optimized for BIOPHEN™ Heparin LRT kit.

222201 – Package contains 4 sets of calibrators, each with 5 different levels of the drug.

223501 – Package contains 2 sets of control plasma, each with 2 different levels of the drug.

Catalogue number:

222201, 223501

Product name:

222201 – BIOPHEN™ Orgaran® Calibrator 4x5x1 ml

223501 – BIOPHEN™ Orgaran® Control 2x6x1 ml




222201-Orgaran Calibrator_v1_2018-10  Type: package insert, Revision: 10_2018

223501-Orgaran Control_v1_2018-10 Type: package insert, Revision: 10_2018