Lupus Anticoagulans

Reagents and controls for the diagnostics of Lupus Anticoagulans in citrated plasma. Controls have weak and strong positive levels of LA. For a negative control you can use BIOPHEN Normal and Abnormal Control Plasma.

Catalogue number

Reagents – CK090K, CK091K                           Controls – SC081K, SC082K, SC083K

Product name

Reagents – CK090K – HEMOCLOT LA-S (screening reagent), 6×1 ml

CK091 – HEMOCLOT LA-C (confirmation reagent), 6×1 ml

Controls – SC081K – LA Control Plasma, 2x6x0,5 ml

SC082K – LA Control Plasma Weak  6×0,5 ml

SC083K – LA Control Plasma High  6×0,5 ml





SC081K_LA Control_v4_2023-02

SC082K_LA Control Plasma Weak_v3_2023-02

SC083K_LA Control Plasma High_v3_2023-02