Coagulation method for quantitative determination of Factor V Leiden (FVL) in human plasma using FVLs resistence to the effects of activated Protein C (APC). When Factor V Leiden is present, coagulation time lengthening is indirectly proportional to it’s concentration.

Normal Factor V is not measured. Test is calibrated and the result is the concentration of FVL in %.

A specific calibrator and control plasma with FVL are available. As a negative control, reagent Biophen Normal Control Plasma (catalogue number 223201) can be used.

Catalogue number
Reagent CK065K, calibrator 222401, control 223405

Product name
HEMOCLOT Quanti V-L, calibrator and control material



CK065K Quanti VL_v2_2021-01 Type: Package insert, Revision: 01_2021

222401_V-L Plasma Calibrator_v2_2021-01 Type: Package insert, Revision: 01_2021

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