Edoxaban Control and Calibration Plasmas

Control and calibration plasmas for Edoxaban assay using anti-Xa method.

225401, 225501 – Control material used for test control of quantitative determination of Edoxaban in plasma. There are to kits available. Both kits have 2 sets of controls with 2 different Edoxaban concentrations – each set has 6 vials. Volume of controls after reconstitution is 1 ml. Concentration levels are approximately 25ng/ml and 75 ng/ml (225401) and 150 ng/ml and 300 ng/ml (225501) and exact concentrations are always written on a sheet in the kit package.

Both kits are also available in half size (2x3x1 ml).

226401, 226501 – Calibrators for Edoxaban allow precise assay of concentration from 0 ng/ml to approximately 500 ng/ml. 226401 calibrator is suitable for lower levels, with a range up to 100 ng/ml and for higher levels a calibrator 226501. In one package, there are 4 sets of 3 levels of Edoxaban. Half size package is also available.

Calibrators are optimized for use with Hyphen BioMed reagents (BIOPHEN DiXal – 221030 and BIOPHEN Heparin LRT – 221011/13/15).

Edaxaban kalibration and control plasmas are categorised as IVDR-C.

Catalogue number

225401, 225501

226401, 226501


225401 – BIOPHEN Edoxaban Control Low,  225501 – BIOPHEN Edoxaban Control

226401 – BIOPHEN Edoxaban Calibrator Low, 226501 – BIOPHEN Edoxaban Calibrator




225401-5501_Edoxaban Control_v3_2023-08

226401-6501_Edoxaban Calibrator_v3_2023-08