Dabigatran Control and Calibration Plasmas

Sets of control and calibration plamas for anti-IIa determination (BIOPHEN DTI and HEMOCLOT Thrombin Inhibitors) of Dabigatran in human citrated plasma.

Calibration plasmas are optimized for Hyphen-BioMed reagents. They cover range from very low concentrations of Dabigatran to levels usual for medicament overdose.

Control plasmas for Dabigatran concentration assay, for standard test settings (224701) and for low concentration assays (225001).  There are in total four concentration levels of Dabigatran available.

Catalogue number
222801, 222901

224701, 225001

Product name
BIOPHEN Dabigatran Calibrator (222801), BIOPHEN Dabigatran Calibrator Low (222901)

BIOPHEN Dabigatran Control Plasma (224701), BIOPHEN Dabigatran Control Low (225001)



Package Insert:

222801-2901_Dabigatran Calibrator_v3_2022-05

224701-5001 Dabigatran Control_v1_2019-01