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Lupus Anticoagulans

Reagents and controls for the diagnostics of Lupus Anticoagulans in citrated plasma. Controls have weak and strong positive levels of LA. For a negative control you can use BIOPHEN Normal and Abnormal Control Plasma. Catalogue number Reagents – CK090K, CK091K                           Controls – SC081K, SC082K, SC083K Product name Reagents – CK090K – HEMOCLOT LA-S (screening reagent), …

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HEMOCLOT Thrombin Time

Reagent for Thrombin Time assay via clotting method. CK011K is lyofilised powder. After reconstitution with specified amount of diluent is the concentration of Thrombin about 1.0 NIH/ml. CK012K is liquid, ready to use. Catalogue number CK011K, CK011L CK012K Product name HEMOCLOT Thrombin Time 6×2 ml / 6×8 ml HEMOCLOT Trombin Time LRT Manufacturer Hyphen-BioMed Documents …

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HEMOCLOT Thrombin Inhibitors

Kit for concentration assay of direct thrombin inhibitors in plasma – Hirudin, Dabigatron and Argatroban with CE, Bivalirudin witout CE. For Dabigatron, two setting are reccomended by the manufacturer – depending on the expected concentration of the medicament in plasma. The results for lower concentrations are more precise that way, especially important for determination of …

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Coagulation method for quantitative determination of Factor V Leiden (FVL) in human plasma using FVLs resistence to the effects of activated Protein C (APC). When Factor V Leiden is present, coagulation time lengthening is indirectly proportional to it’s concentration. Normal Factor V is not measured. Test is calibrated and the result is the concentration of …

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Protein S (PS) is a vitamin K dependent protein, mainly synthesized in liver. Plasma PS exists in two forms: complexed with C4b-BP, or as free form that presents anticoagulant activity by acting as cofactor of Activated Protein C (APC). In the presence of calcium and phospholipids, the APC-PS complex inhibits Factors Va and VIIIa. HEMOCLOT …

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Reagent for fibrinogen assay using Clauss coagulation method. CK571K, CK572K and CK575K are lyophylised, CK585K is liquid and ready to use. Catalogue number CK571K, CK572K, CK575K, CK585K Product name FIBRIPHEN 1, FIBRIPHEN 2, FIBRIPHEN 5, FIBRIPHEN LRT Manufacturer Hyphen-BioMed Documents CK571-572-575_FIBRIPHEN_v5_2021-10 Type: Package insert, Revision: 10_2021 CK585K_Fibriphen LRT_v4_2021-10 Type: Package inser, Revision: 10_2021

DVV test, confirm

Dilluted DVV test and confirmation for Lupus Anticoagulans coagulation assay. 810 – 10 vials of 2 ml 825 – 10 vials of 5 ml 815 – 10 vials of 1 ml 815L – 10 vials of 2 ml Catalogue number 810, 815, 815L, 825 Product name DVVtest 10 – 810 DVVtest 25 – 825 DVVconfirm …

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Kits for the assay of Protein C in human plasma using chromogennic, coagulation and ELISA methods. 221205 – Chromogenic assay of Protein C in humal citrated plasma. Powdered reagent. 221211 – Chromogenic assay of Protein C in humal citrated plasma. Liquid reagent. CK031K, CK032K – Coagulation quantitative assay of Protein C in human citrated plasma. Lyophylised. …

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