BIOPHEN Control and Calibration Plasmas

Attested control plasmas and calibrator for activity assays of Fibrinogen, a2-Antiplasmin, AT, Factors II, V, VII, VII+X, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, Plasminogen, PC and PS and antigen assays of Fibrinogen, AT, PC, Free PS and vWF:AG.

Control plasmas are attested for the assay of PT/INT/ % and aPTT.

BIOPHEN Abnormal Control Plasma and BIOPHEN Normal Control Plasma are tested for absence of Lupus Anticoagulans and can be used as negtive controls.

BIOPHEN Normal Control Plasma is also tested for the absence of Activated Protein C resistance (Act PC-r). When the aPTT is performed with or without Activated Protein C (APC) the ratio obtained (aPTT + APC/aPTT) is  2.00. When tested with Hemoclot Quanti VL kit (CK065K) from HYPHEN BioMed, the expected value is <10% FVL.

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BIOPHEN Plasma Calibrator

BIOPHEN Normal Control Plasma

BIOPHEN Abnormal Control Plasma




222101_Plasma Calibrator_v4_2021-11

223201_Normal Control Plasma_v4_2021-11

223301_Abnormal Control Plasma_v4_2021-11