Apixaban Calibration Plasmas

Catalogue number:

226201, 226101

Product name:

226201 – Biophen Apixaban Calibrator

226101 – Biophen Apixaban Calibrator Low


Calibration plasma for assays of concentration of Apixaban in plasma, 4 sets of 3 calibrators. Calibrator with the catalogue number 226201 has a range of 0 – 700 ng/ml, calibrator with the catalogue number 226101 has a range of 0 – 120 ng/ml. Both calibrator are designed to be used with reagents Biophen DiXal or Biophen Heparin LRT. Due to detection limit of both kits it is necessary to use low dilution test with the low calibrator.

Both kits are also available in smaller packaging – 2 sets of 3 calibrators.





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