Apixaban Calibration and Control Plasmas

Calibration and control plasmas for the assay of Apixaban in human plasma.

Calibrators oand control are for anti-Xa assay, specifically BIOPHEN DiXal – 221030 and BIOPHEN Heparin LRT – 221011, 221013, 221015.

Calibration plasmas are made to cover the whole calibration range – 0 – 700 ng/ml with 226201, and 0 – 120 ng/ml with 226101. Due to detection limit of both kits it is necessary to use low dilution test with the low calibrator.

Calibration plasmas are available in two package sizes – 4 sets of 3 calibrators and 2 sets of 3 calibrators..

Control plasmas for quality control of Apixaban assay cover both low concentrations (225201) and high concentrations (225301).

Control plasmas are available in two package sizes – 6 vials of each level, and 3 vials of each level.

Catalogue number:

226201, 226101

225201, 225301

Product name:

BIOPHEN Apixaban Calibrator (226201), BIOPHEN Apixaban Calibrator Low (226101)

BIOPHEN Apixaban Control Plasma (225301), BIOPHEN Apixaban Control Plasma Low (225201)




226101-226201_Apixaban Calibrator_v4_2018-09

225201-301_Apixaban Control_v3_2018-09