Automated coagulation analyzer


Automated coagulation analyzer

– clotting, chromogenic and immunologic measuring assays
– easy to operate with the simple touchscreen interface
– labor saving, simple programming and real walk-away system
– reagent open system

Technical specifications
Throughput: max. 60tests/hour for PT
Tests: PT, APTT, TT, FIB, AT, PLG, D-Dimer, factors

Measuring methods:
Clotting: Scattered Light Detection Method
Chromogenic: Colorimetric method 405nm
Immunologic: Turbidimetric method 575nm

Memory: 10 000 test results and 10 000 reaction curves
Quality control: 12 QC file
Calibration: 6 points
STAT sample priority
Auto re-diluent/re-test
Barcode-reading support

Sample tray – 27 positions (3×9)

Reagent tray
Reagent tray 23 positions
Reagents cooling: <16“C

Reaction tray
Cuvettes on board: 72
Min. reaction volume: 150ul
Reaction temperature: 37±0.5°C

With probe preheating, automatic washing, with collision protection, liquid level detection, checking of reagent volume

Print out – Built in thermal printer, possibility of external printer connection